The M.C. was founded in March 1977 in Bochum (Germany).
First we called us "BLACK SOULS M.C.
After a few months we found out that there were two other clubs
with the same name. One at Brühl by Cologne and the other
one at Darmstadt by Frankfurt/Main.
We decided then to change the name.
At this time we were close friends with the
"FLYING DEATH M.C. WITTEN", our neighbours.
We adopted the name but as
an independant club without restriction.
At the end of the seventies the Bochum
fraction could count on about 40 members.
But as it often happens the club fell
apart and only 10 members stayed.
Out of this evoluated a solid and longlasting M.C. with
members who are respected and appreciated everywhere.
End of the eighties it was the end of the "Witten"-Chapter.
In the nineties there have beem some Chapter,
Prospect-Chapter and one Supporter-club.
Frome those is only the chapter "BELGIUM" still there
and some individual supporters.
2009 from Chapter Nomads to Chapter Nomads-Central.
2011 founded Chapter Nomads-West.
2012 Chapter Flying Death Belgique.
2016 Chapter Flying Death France
2023 Chapter Flying Death Nomads (F)
The politics of the club are not quantity but quality.
Friendship is the most important thing.
- DFFD -

Our Shit-Start!